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Why You Need to Build a List

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There are lots of moving parts to building and promoting a business. There are also many ways to approach marketing. Should I head to networking meetings, jump on social media, start blogging, or even streak naked through the centre of my hometown to just get people’s attention to come over and buy my damn thing?! Ahem, scratch that….not one of my suggested forms of promotion.

But you probably get where I’m coming from. The frustration is real when we know we have a great product or service to sell, but we just can’t seem to get people’s attention.

The thing is that all of these forms of promotion work (aside from the streaking one, that may just get you on the front page of the local newspaper with only a pair of handcuffs to cover your dignity.)

If you commit to sharing regularly on social media or blogging consistently you are going to get more eyes on what you do. But what ultimately is going to get those eyes to stick around? That’s right, getting them on to your mailing list.

What!” you cry. “List building!

But I’ve tried.”

It’s too hard to set up.

I have my list, but I can’t grow it.

All valid reasons and I get that you feel setting up and building a mailing list is hard. I felt that way too. But it’s soooo powerful for your business and really, once you get past the feelings of dread about the tech side, really not hard to do at all.

Here’s Why You Need to Set Up & Grow a List

1. It’s easier to sell to people who know who you are, who have built a relationship with you and who aren’t just arriving cold on your website.

Don’t take my word for it, check out these stats on the power of email marketing for getting in front of customers. Believe me, your audience is using email and you can build a much stronger bond with your followers by connecting with them in this way.

2. Social media is awesome for getting in front of people, but ultimately you don’t own the platforms and that’s why it’s only wise to take the conversation with your audience off real estate you don’t own (your social media profiles) and on to real estate you do (your mailing list).

3. Your mailing list has so many advantages. It’s not just for selling. It’s for informing, educating and entertaining your audience. It’s there to make you stand out and for your business to be memorable.

But It’s Expensive, Hard or Frustrating to Build a List!

First, the expense. If you go the Convertkit or Mailerlite route it’s totally free to set up a mailing list and to start communicating with your audience. You only pay once you need all the functionality, and believe me, once you have that many subscribers you will already be very clear on the merits of list building and you will be happy to hand over your dollars for the privilege of making more sales.

Second, your worries that it will be hard. Many of us worry about the tech side of things before we do it – I know I did! It’s NOT as hard as you think it will be though and once you have it in place it’s pretty much set and forget, apart from growing the list.

Third, but it’s frustrating! I get this, it usually comes when you have your mailing list in place but you are just really struggling to grow the list. It will take putting some great lead magnets out there (freebies that make people want to sign up) and it will take consistency but I promise it will be so worth it.

I also have some more training coming up on growing your list, so don’t forget to jump on my mailing list (did you see what I did there) if you want to know about it ☺ 

Ultimately, it’s time to commit. It’s time to know that one of the biggest advantages you can give yourself in your business is setting up and growing a mailing list. Don’t leave it until later in the year, don’t push it aside as a ‘nice to have’. If you want to make more sales, setting up and growing a mailing list is non-negotiable.

Get started today and you won’t regret it. And compared to streaking naked through your hometown, it’s a walk (a dressed very warmly walk) in the park.

Let me know in the comments below if you are committed to setting and/or growing your list.

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