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Why Getting Traffic to Your Website is Like True Love

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We all want traffic to our sites  because the bottom line is that traffic means a greater potential for sales. However, we don’t want just any old traffic, we want people who are genuinely interested in what we offer.

If you feel that not enough people are arriving at your virtual door it’s time to dig deep and explore the reasons why that might be.

1.You Don’t Actually Know How Much Traffic You’re Getting

Measuring is the first step to success. Maybe you have a vague idea how many people are arriving at your site monthly but you don’t really know. You have no idea therefore whether the marketing steps you are taking are improving the flow of traffic or having no effect whatsoever.

Knowledge is power as they say and if we stick with that analogy your stats will give you such a rush of power that you may just have to go lie down in a darkened room afterwards with a cold compress pressed to your head. Try Google Analytics or my favourite, as I believe they are easier to read, Clicky.

2. You’re Not Prepared for the Long Haul

Getting traffic is rarely a sprint, more like an ultra marathon where you need to stock up on water, snacks and potentially a first aid kit.

If you go in prepared for this marathon you will be surprised how quickly your traffic grows – because you are putting in the groundwork – if you go in expecting a sprint you will be frustrated that you aren’t getting results yet.  Then you might feel like giving up. You don’t want to do that.

3. You Haven’t Told Google Where to Find You

Mr. Google and Ms. Bing won’t come a-knocking at your door to take you out for some fine dining, unless they actually know where you live. You need to tell them through Webmaster Tools and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This isn’t a short romance you need to have with them either, this is a long term monogamous relationship people   – we are talking wedding bells and everything.

4. You Aren’t Getting Social

Ok, so you are now in a loving relationship with the search engines but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your friends. Social media is there for you to spread the word about what you offer and bring traffic back to your site. You don’t have to be on every single platform, but the places where you are present, you should use consistently.

You can also find people on social media who will support you and cheer you on when your energy is running low and you are questioning why you ever started this whole online shenanigans. Hang out in this cool group and you will get lots of support (Ok I’m biased).

5. You Aren’t Blogging

Blogging means you are regularly publishing fresh new content for your hubby Mr. Google to read, and he rewards you with a super gift in the form of new people arriving at your site. Who needs flowers anyway!

Blog posts include keywords which help you get found, plus they build a relationship with your audience so people learn more about you and come to trust what you say.

6. You Aren’t Recycling Content

Don’t feel you have to invent the wheel each and every time. If you wrote content 12 months ago, as long as it is evergreen, that content is still valid and new people will want to read it – so make sure you are still sharing it etc. Also have you taken your content and made it work for you in as many ways as possible?

So, if you haven’t got lost amongst my analogies, you can see that getting traffic is a marathon not a sprint and you will do much better when you have people by your side supporting you as you progress. You also need to cuddle up to the search engines, share the love on social media and write in your authentic voice in your blog posts. See, this online biz is not techie at all, just relating to others as we all do every day ☺

If you want more insight into building traffic then check out my free guide.

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