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In today’s episode I talk to Sarah Matyjasik about putting health at the heart of your business.

More about Sarah: 

Sarah Matyjasik of SMpower – ‘Creating STRENGTH from the inside out’

After 10 years in Commercial Recruitment and Operational Management, Sarah’s career led her into health and fitness when she had children and she took the opportunity to follow her real passion. Sarah has started, built and run a number of businesses as well as coaching and mentoring individuals and teams of people, both in business and in wellbeing.

She’s a qualified coach, nutrition advisor and personal trainer. Sarah has worked with dozens of successful professionals whose success has often come at a cost to their health and wellness, sometimes with significant impact on their relationships and their work or career.

She now runs SMpower, a consultancy which specialises in enabling people to balance their success to include their physical and mental health and fitness, working with them to create the right changes, enabling them to surpass their expectations of themselves and supercharge their personal and professional wellbeing success. 

Connect With Sarah:

Sarah’s Website

Sarah’s Instagram.

5 STEPS to put HEALTH at the HEART of your busy day
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