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Lifestyle Blog Income Report: October 2022

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The last time I updated this income report was two months ago and I don’t have a whole lot to report but I will let you know where I am for continuity.

I have also made the decision to only now do an income report every quarter, so the next one will be at the start of Jan next year. I’ve decided to do that because there isn’t a whole lot to report in these early months, and I don’t want to bore you all to tears ☺ I’m hoping by the new year I will have made a few leaps forward – only time will tell!

So, this time we are looking at 2 months, August and September, and then going forward it will be blocks of three months.

Blog Posts Published

One big piece of news is that I switched the theme to Divi. I just feel at this time it serves me better as it gives me more flexibility as to how I lay out the site. Plus, it’s super intuitive to use and that’s what I need right now with very little time on my hands.

I published 7 additional posts across the two months, and I want to continue to aim for at least 2 posts per week.

Some will be ones I just write with very little research, and others I will definitely be going after keywords. This is the tool I use for keyword research. It’s really good for my needs, low cost, and you can even track your keywords. If you want to try Keysearch yourself then use code: KSDISC for 20% off any package. So far, I have 2 keywords ranking on the first page of Google, 2 on the second, and one on the 3rd (of the ones I’m tracking anyway). I’m pretty happy with that so far, but it’s a case of keeping at it!

Social Media

The main platform I am using for socials so far is Pinterest and I’m starting to see traffic from that source. It all takes time, but one of the things that helps a lot is being able to share pins via Tailwind communities.

I’ve also prepared some Instagram posts but need to dig into that this weekend. Again, I’m going to be using Tailwind for scheduling as it also gives me Smart Bio where people can click straight through to the post.


I am tracking traffic via Clicky and so I can report the following figures for August and September combined.

Unique Visitors: 31

Page Views: 61

Bounce Rate: 16%

As you can see, very low figures still. However, this isn’t my first blogging rodeo so I know that patience is a virtue. Ha!


There are only a few affiliate links on the site so far and as expected, no income to report.


As reported before, expenses are as follows.

Domain & Hosting: $9 per month (This is an approx calculation as my hosting is split across multiple sites, but we will go with this as it’s pretty close).

Theme & Plugins: $0 as I have lifetime access to Divi.

Email Provider: Again, this is split between multiple sites so we are going to round it off at $5.

Blog Posts: $0 as currently all content is being written by me. If I start to outsource, that will be added as an expense later.


So not a stellar couple of months but I didn’t expect it to be. Overall, I’m happy with what I have achieved in terms of posts on the site and I see this very much as a long term investment. And that makes me happy because I am building something that has the potential to earn income far into the future.

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