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How Do I Get More Traffic to My Blog?

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I often get asked this question and it’s one that website and blog owners ask themselves on almost a daily basis around the world.

The problem with it is though is that when we ask the question in this way it’s almost as though all the power is ‘out there’ with all those potential visitors to our site. We want them, but we don’t know how we can get them to come and find us!

This can make us feel powerless and as though we are just at the mercy of people ‘happening’ upon our site, when in fact the reality is very different.

We can have a very direct influence on how we show up on the web, but we just need to make sure we approach it systematically. Here are just three things to consider to get you started.

Know Your Numbers

We can often bemoan the fact that we have very few visitors to our website without knowing the actual numbers. It can feel like ‘oh no-one is finding me‘ when you are actually getting more views than you realise. The only way to combat this is to measure the number of people arriving at your site daily, either through Google Analytics or I  prefer the more user-friendly Clicky Analytics.

Once you have one of these tools running on your site it will give you a lot more valuable information than just the numbers. It will tell you how people are finding you – for example is it through social media, direct links or search queries. If it’s the latter it will also give you some info on the keywords people are using to find you. For an overview on using analytics to get more website traffic you can watch my short video here.

Include Keywords

Don’t let the term ‘keywords’ scare you if you have heard it in connection with SEO (search engine optimisation). Keywords are just the words people use to find your site. To find the keywords that you need to use on the content of your site, in your blog posts and on social media, you simply need to start out by thinking about what your site is about.

Are you writing about aromatherapy, paying your taxes, or training your dog? Then think about the words that people might type in to find you, then pop over to a keyword tool like Ubersuggest, see what phrases they are actually searching for and then include those on your website. You can do more in-depth research on keywords and I go into that in more detail in my course The Keyword Factor.

Think About The User Experience

When people arrive on your site you want to give them a good experience. That means a website or blog which clearly indicates what your site is about, text that is easy to read, a menu that is easy to navigate and a site that is not too busy or giving people too much information all at once. Ask a friend to take a look at your website and see if there are any places where they get stuck  – for example is it easy to find your ‘About Me/Us’ page, is your store clearly marked in the menu or can people easily navigate to your ‘Work with Me’ page.

Remember, the majority of people won’t arrive at your site through your homepage, they might arrive on your site on a blog post or from multiple different directions, so they still need to be able to understand what your site is about and how to move around it easily.

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