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Create Your First Marketing Tripwire

First, let’s answer a question that you may be asking yourself – what’s a marketing tripwire?

Answer – it’s a very low cost offer (of a product) that you make to your audience that is time sensitive. In this instance I’m going to show you how to set up a tripwire on a thank you page that people are sent to after they have signed up for your email list.

That way you can start immediately turning some subscribers into buyers, you can begin to earn passive income, and you will gain more motivation to grow your list.

A tripwire isn’t difficult to set up, but there are a few steps involved. That’s why I wanted to bring you this video training to walk you through the process. All the tools we use are free. I show you how this process works on a WordPress website, but you can easily use the same steps on a different platform, or even on a landing page.

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