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8 Reasons to Publish Your Own e-Book

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Whether you are going to sell it from your own website or add it to the Kindle store there are a number of benefits of publishing an e-book.

If you are writing non-fiction, you don’t need to worry that this will need to be a weighty tome in the style of one of the later Harry Potter books ☺ In fact, most readers of non-fiction are looking for information on a topic, or a specific answer to their question or need, in a book that can be easily digested.

Plus, if you are worried about the actual process of writing there are plenty of tools out there to help with planning and with grammar and spelling.

Still not sure whether writing a book is for you? Here are just 8 of the many benefits of creating your own e-book:

Benefit 1: It’s Fast

It’s relatively quick and easy to publish an e-book, whether on your own website or on Amazon. That means once it’s written it can be out in the world reaping all these benefits.

Benefit 2: Low Cost of Entry

Apart from the time you spend writing your e-book the costs are very low and you can even do it for free. The only paid option you may want to consider is a cover but there are plenty of ways to create one for free if you are on a low budget.

Benefit 3: Demonstrates Expertise

More than a video or a blog post, a book demonstrates your expertise in a particular area and builds trust with your audience, which can be a great addition to your business. 

Benefit 4: Grows Your Following

A book allows you to reach an expanded audience. While some people  don’t read blogs, they will sit down and consume an e-book, and therefore this allows you to reach a whole new raft of potential buyers for your services or products.

Benefit 5: New Audience

If you do decide to go the Amazon route. A presence on the platform allows you to tap into a whole new market. These are people already used to purchasing through Amazon, they have their payment details added, and they are therefore ready to buy.

Benefit 6: Great Entry Point

The cost of an e-book is usually relatively low and thus this can be a great way to introduce people to you, before they go on to purchase higher priced services or products. 

Benefit 7: Increases Website Traffic

Within an e-book you can add links to your website. This is therefore a great way to drive traffic back to your home base where your products and services are available.

Benefit 8: Money

Selling e-books on Amazon, or even from your own website, adds an additional stream of income to your business. 

Do any of those benefits sounds good to you? They should ☺

I have now written lots of e-books. Some I give away to grow my list; others I sell from my own website; and a growing number are now being converted for Kindle.

Whether you want to publish a book on Kindle or sell an ebook from your own website, then grab my free course: ‘Kindle 101: How to Plan, Write, Publish & Market Your First EBook‘ Today!

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