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6 Reasons to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

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Whether you are looking to add an additional stream of income to your existing business; or whether you want to start creating passive income from the ground up, affiliate marketing can be a great choice.

Affiliate marketing (as is passive income in general) is not some get rich quick scheme. It’s a way to share with your audience products or services you recommend and things which you know will be helpful.

Here Are 6  Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Choice

Zero Outlay

You can start affiliate marketing with zero budget. All you need to do is to align with certain products, companies or networks as an affiliate and get started. It’s free to become an affiliate and the biggest outlay for you will be time – whether you are adding the items to your site, blogging about them or sharing them on social media.

Share What You Know

The best way to start is to share those products or services you already use yourself and love. That way you can speak from the heart when you are telling people about the advantages (and possibly disadvantages) of what you are promoting. From there you can expand what you promote, but still keeping it relevant to your niche so it’s always a topic you understand well.

There’s No Hard Sell

Affiliate marketing is very far away from hard sell. You are not in fact selling to people at all. You are telling people about products/services which are a great fit for your niche and then they move on to the sales page of the company you are promoting. You are letting the company sell the product, you are just helping to make people aware of it.

There’s No Follow-Up

In line with the point above, you are not selling the item. Therefore there is nothing further for you to do – no packing, no postage, no customer care, no after-sale support. How’s that for putting a big smile on your face ☺

It Gives You More Content

If you struggle to come up with content in your business, affiliate marketing can give you more to write about. A certain amount of blog posts and social media updates can be focused on what you are promoting. An expansion on what you sell as the core function of your own business.

It’s Super Easy to Get Started

There usually no complex tech with affiliate marketing, you create the affiliate links and then add them wherever you are promoting the product/service. The company you are promoting is responsible for all the tracking, so you can relax and focus on what’s important to you.

If you want more guidance on getting started the course I recommend is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I did this course and it helped me enormously.

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