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In today’s podcast we look at 5 Tips to Help Make Your Digital Product Saleable.

My spotlight in the show today was my FREE training on setting up a marketing tripwire . You can find that to download here.

If you are just getting started, my recommendations for a cart would be either Payhip or Gumroad. Payhip is my first choice and I explain why here.

Need more help getting your first digital product live? Access some step-by-step training. Find out more here.

You can connect with me on Instagram at @alisonmary wood and on Twitter at @alisonmwood.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Niche Life success Podcast, I’m your host Alison Wood and today we are going to be talking about 5 Tips to Help Make Your First Digital Product Saleable.

It’s the 11th December 2022 here as I am recording this and it is a very frosty Sunday. I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet, but that will hopefully happen today or tomorrow. I’ll share a pic on Instagram when it’s done so if you want to connect there and say Hi, find me at alisonmarywood

Before we dive into the main event let’s talk about where I have been for the last x number of months. Well I’ve been right here, but what I haven’t been doing is podcasting. If you were waiting for the next episode I can only apologise.

The truth is I loved podcasting, but I started to doubt myself, I started to wonder if what I was offering was helpful and I got myself into a tailspin. I think what I have learned from all this is that while I knew most of our success comes down to mindset, this really brought it home to me. Because why did I stop? Ultimately it came down to fear. And if you are finding yourself in a similar place I would encourage you to push through and keep going – because instead of doing that, what did I do to myself, really I just set myself backs so many months. I culd have had way more episodes out by now but I haven’t and Im kind of sad about that. But I’m getting back on the horse – not really – and getting back to it. I’m going to be putting out a real mix of helpful content for you if you are running a business or building a side hustle. Some weeks it may not be for you, other weeks it might be the perfect fit and hopefully we can build a community of people all building a business and life for themselves.

If you want to support the podcast,a share or a review, particularly on Apple, would be a huge help. And thank you in advance if you can do that.

Ok, so moving ahead let’s dive into our spotlight today. This is that place in the show when I share something free or paid that can help you in your business.

Our spotlight today is on my free training for setting up a marketing tripwire.

First, let’s answer a question that you may be asking yourself – what’s a marketing tripwire?

Answer – it’s a very low cost offer (of a product) that you make to your audience that is time sensitive. In this instance I’m going to show you how to set up a tripwire on a thank you page that people are sent to after they have signed up for your email list.

That way you can start immediately turning some subscribers into buyers, you can begin to earn passive income, and you will gain more motivation to grow your list.

A tripwire isn’t difficult to set up, but there are a few steps involved. That’s why I wanted to bring you this video training to walk you through the process. All the tools we use are free. I show you how this process works on a WordPress website, but you can easily use the same steps on a different platform, or even on a landing page.

Want to grab that free training, head to

So now let’s turn to the feature of the day and that’s our 5 Tips to Help Make Your First Digital Product Saleable

Selling a digital product is often promoted as the ideal way to make passive income. And while very little in this world is actually passive (everything takes ongoing work) it’s true that selling a digital item takes a lot less work than some other endeavours. This is because a product can be created once and resold multiple times. There’s no shipping involved, and usually products need very little customer service.

So far, so good. It’s starting to look like easy street, eh? Well yes, and no.

Any product will need to be marketed, and this is where a lot of the work comes in. However, what’s true is that you can help make your product more saleable if you follow a few steps at the creation stage.

How do I know this? Because I have created and sold a lot of digital products since I got started online in 2009. Some sold easily, others sat on the digital shelf while the peaceful sound of crickets echoed around the pixelated walls. Yes, they were duds.

The question is, why were they duds?

The answer, I didn't follow the steps outlined below, and consequently made life much harder for myself.

Step 1: Choose a topic that you can talk about in your sleep

When you are creating your first digital product, make it about something you know WELL. Maybe that sounds obvious, but I’ve seen people start to create products that they then feel they need to go and research for 6 weeks.

You don’t want to do that.

This should be information that if a friend asked for help on the topic, you could sit down with them over coffee and literally walk them through it from A to Z. This is content that is at the tips of your fingers and that you understand through to the tips of your toes.

Step 2: Choose the format that appeals to you most

Once you have decided on a topic for your digital product, then choose the format YOU feel most at ease with.

Do you prefer to write, record a video, lay down an audio (yes it sounds sexier that way, like you are a 90s pop icon) or run a webinar?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Go with how you find it easier to impart information.

You might question this, thinking but what will my audience prefer? For the moment, put that aside. This is an early product for you and if you prefer to write, then there’s no point twisting yourself up in knots to create a video because you think that’s what people will want.

When you are creating a digital product, always work to your strengths. The result will be much better for the person who purchases it.

Step 3: Keep the Content Contained

In terms of what to include in your digital product, answer one question for your audience or impart once piece of information.

First, because this product is going to sell at a relatively low price point. Therefore, you don’t need to make it too lengthy. As long as you have given your buyer what they need, then your job is done.

Second, your buyer will learn best if the product does not overwhelm them with information. Don’t go off topic and don’t think more is better.

Step 4: Make delivery automatic

When someone purchases your product, they are going to want to access it immediately. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a cart that gives them the ability to immediately download what they have purchased.

If you are just getting started, my recommendations would be either Payhip or Gumroad. Payhip is my first choice and I explain why here.

Step 5: Get it live and start marketing

The important thing when creating your first product is not to procrastinate. Accept that the product is not going to be perfect — because nothing is. Instead, commit to getting it live and then dive into marketing.

You will learn so much by actually getting your first product live for sale that you will be amazed. Yes, you will learn practical things, like how to list the item, what platform to use, etc. But more than that, you will learn something about yourself and you will realise that you can achieve much more than you gave yourself credit for — and that feels good.

So are you committed to creating your first product? If you want some help walking you through the process step by step then head to for some additional support.

That’s all for today, I hope you found it helpful and I’ll be back next week, so I’ll see you right here!

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