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In today’s podcast we are talking about 3 ways to generate income from your email list. Whether you are just starting out with list building, or have a more established mailing list, you won’t want to miss these tips.

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Welcome to the Niche Success Podcast, I'm your host Alison Wood and I'm super grateful you have taken time out of your day to join me here.

Today we are going to be talking about 3 Ways to Generate Income from Your Email List. It's not a long show today, I know this time of the year is very busy for people, but I still wanted to bring you something that can help grow your business, we need to focus on that year round.

Before we dive into that, our spotlight today is on my own Niche Business Academy.

The Niche Business Academy gives step by step guidance to help you build a business online. As we are talking about email lists today that is just one of the topic covered as well as:
* Your online presence - website, blog, or store

* The power of blogging

* The importance of list building

* Simplifying social media

* Passive income step by step

* Your mindset and how to keep focused

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Ok so let's get into the heart of the show which is 3 Ways to Generate Income from Your Email List - and these are all ones whatever your size of list - that you can start right away.

If you have been exploring the world of online income for a while, or you have an existing business, then you know that building a list of email subscribers is one of the most important things you can do.


In a nutshell, it’s because you have full control of the people on your list (they aren’t just followers on a social media platform that might change its algorithm). However, perhaps even more important, is that if you have regular readers, you can build a relationship with them. They learn more about who you are, what motivates you in your business, and how you can help them.

Build the list is the refrain we all hear. But it’s just as important to take good care of those people who sign up.

I have worked with clients who diligently follow the advice to build a list, but then do absolutely nothing with their subscribers. Their audience members sit there, probably forgetting why they signed up to that list in the first place, and definitely learning nothing about the person’s products or services.

The key when building a list is to act fast and to give every subscriber the best experience possible. Whether you have 2 people on your list, or 2,000, keep in touch, and keep your subscribers warm.

Here are 3 ways to generate income from your list.

Create a Tripwire as Your Thank You Page

When someone signs up to your list, whichever email provider you use, you can send them to your own thank you page. This can simply be a page on your website where you make an offer.

The offer should be low cost, an easy buy, and reduced in price. To make it a tripwire, add a countdown timer that automatically forwards people to another page at full price once the countdown ends.

If you want a step-by-step video guide to setting up your first tripwire, head to

A tripwire can help you make immediate income from your list. Not everyone will purchase, but some will, and over time, these trickles of income can turn into a stream.

Create an Autoresponder

When someone signs up to your list, they usually do so because you are giving away something for free that they find attractive. You then deliver that freebie (or lead magnet) in the first email you immediately send to them.

Don’t just leave it there, though. Follow up with valuable content that helps your reader and allows them to learn more about you.

You can even link to your products or services in these autoresponder emails and hence make more income on autopilot. Don’t make it all about the sale though, add (a lot) of value too.

Why set this autoresponder up when you can just email your subscribers?

First, because depending how frequently you email your list, they may have forgotten who you even are if you don't get them used to hearing from you. Second, because as long as the emails are evergreen, you can set this and forget it. We all have a lot of work to do, make life as easy as possible for yourself.

You don't have to make an autoresponder super long and complicated either. Just a series of 3 to 6 emails spread out every 3 or 4 days, can help your audience connect with you.

Email Your List Regularly

Once people sign up, your job is to thank them for becoming your subscriber.

How do you do that?

By keeping in touch.

I would suggest mailing your list every week. Yes, even when you have only a handful of subscribers. Those people are just as valuable as if you had 1,000 people on your list, plus it gets you into a good routine.

The two things you can do which will make the most difference to your long-term success are to add value (send your subscribers helpful information) and to be consistent.

From my personal experience, I have found that emails to my list generate a large percentage of my income. Isn’t that worth being consistent for?

Start implementing these three steps today: 1 Set up a tripwire.

2 Create an autoresponser series.

3 Mail your list weekly.

When you do, you will not only be building a valuable list, you will also generate income. When you see that income coming in, it will motivate you to get even more people onto your list, and so the cycle continues.

Don’t wait until you have 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people on your list. Start tending to subscriber number 1, 2, and 3. They will probably turn into your most loyal fans.

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